À la carte


These are just some of the specialties that we are pleased to serve to those who visit us, prepared with all the care and dedication so that the result translates into the excellence of our kitchen.


  • Prawns crepe

    Homemade crepe «au gratin»

  • Goat’s cheese

    Served with apple, honey and walnuts, wrapped in a green salad

  • Prawn cocktail

    One of the classic of cocktails, served with cocktail sauce, apple and quail egg

  • Prawns with garlic

    Sautéed prawns with garlic and prawn sauce


  • Sea bass grilled

    Beautiful fresh grilled sea bass served scaled

  • Sea Bass flambéed in Ricard and Dijon mustard

    Fillet of sea Bass served with Dijon mustard sauce and seasoned with Pastis Ricard

  • Filet of sole «au gratin»

    Filet of sole gratin from our coast with béchamel and slices of cheese

  • Filet of sole with prawns and prawn sauce

    Delicious sea Sole served with sautéed prawns and prawn sauce


  • Rump steak, served in a Brazilian style

    Delicious rump steak served in a big skewer, with a full Brazilian garnish

  • Chateaubriand for 1 person on the stone

    Full of flavour Chateaubriand served barely cooked with a hot stone on the side

  • Breast of duck with red port sauce

    «Magret» of duck from France served with red port sauce

  • Tornedos with Roquefort cheese

    National tornedos served with Roquefort cheese