More than serving,
we have taken care of our customers for 30 years

With its doors open since 1986, Figueiral Restaurant is happy to provide its customers with high-quality gastronomic experiences, marked by the manufacture of the best products in the region, which result in a captivating ambiance at the level of taste. Recognized for the attention and friendliness that it dedicates to each client, Figueiral’s brings together all the necessary conditions for you to enjoy a meal of excellence in a relaxed and familiar environment.


The success of Figueiral Restaurant also depends on the team that constitutes it, responsible for the characteristic features not only of the space but also of some of the dishes. The personality inherent in each of our members results in a combination of knowledge and experience that allows us to create the best delicacies, typical of international cuisine.

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The most unlikely combinations result in true gastronomic experiences, capable of taking your imagination to another level. Know some of the menus we have available for you.