More than serving, we have taken care of our customers for 37 years

Our story began in 1986, the year we first opened our doors with a dream to make this venue a beacon of international cuisine. But more than that, a haven of warmth and comfort for our visitors. The local produce allows us to craft genuine delicacies, each telling its own tale.

With a focus on high-quality culinary experiences, everything crafted in our kitchen is a blend of flavours, aromas, and textures, masterfully captivating even the most discerning palate.

Our Brazilian-style Picanha is undoubtedly the star of the menu, matched only by the warmth we extend to every guest and our meticulous attention to detail. All this ensures you enjoy an outstanding meal in a relaxed, familial setting.

The secret of a great establishment lies in its setting and its team

Driven by an ever-present desire to innovate, we pay attention to every detail, from the layout of the space to the culinary combinations we achieve, ensuring the outcome is always astonishing.

But all this is made possible thanks to the dedication and commitment of our team members, familiar faces to our long-standing customers. The truth is, no one understands the art of hospitality quite like they do.

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Experience something truly unique

Because we only have one life to live, we should live it to the fullest, enjoying the small pleasures of life in the best company, with a table fully equipped with everything you need to travel and experience worldly pleasures without leaving your seat.