About us


Located in the parish of Almancil, close to one of the main access points to Quinta do Lago, the Figueiral Restaurant is available to provide you with quality gastronomic experiences, accompanied by an excellent customer service. Keeping the management with which it debuted, this establishment aims to provide customers with a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, through a rustic environment, which has contributed to the prominent position as one of the best restaurants in the region.

Figueiral’s has two separate dining rooms at your disposal, as well as an outdoor area surrounded by greenery, so you can enjoy your meal in a more private and peaceful environment. In addition to these spaces, you can also count on a lounge area, suitable for enjoying an aperitif before your meal.


Cláudia Sousa

Responsible for the financial management of the company, as wll as for the reception and hosting of customers, D.Claúdia reflects the experience of many years of commitment and dedication. Connected to the establishment since 1988, there were many challenges and obstacles she faced, making her a woman of strengh and courage, but above all with a good heart. It represents the emotional stability of a house full of stories.

Ivan Gomes

These ensure the well-being of customers, as well as the respective follow-up through a personalized service. Besides, it is also responsible for forecasting situations that may occur, articulating all communication with the team, so that everything goes as smoothly as possible.